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About Project Pulse

Project Pulse was designed to offset the overbearing obligations of the YWCA Project. Last year, the entrepreneurs that were needing help, asked for assistance at two very different levels of business development. While some had already developed a product or service, most just had an idea that needed to be refined and strengthened.

The purpose of Project Pulse is to more effectively aid those entrepreneurs who have distinguished their business with a promising product or service and currently need an effective plan to boost their revenues and market share.

Partnering up with other organizations on-campus, Project Pulse is a consulting based initiative where students will be assigned to a specific business and will have two months to design an effective marketing and/or operations strategy for that business.

We hope that this project will not only significantly impact the entrepreneurs involved but will allow first hand experience with struggling businesses and consulting practices.

If you are interested in project Pulse contact Jamie Yieh here