Our Vision

To use our resources, human power and knowledge to create a sustainable impact by means of our six project components in León, Nicaragua. We pledge to pursue this sustainability by revisiting the region on a yearly basis and by communicating with our hosts regularly.

Scope and Impact of Project Nicaragua

Understanding the scope and impact of Project Nicaragua entails understanding the state of the Nicaraguan economy, government and overall welfare of its people.

Nicaragua has a population of approximately six million and an annual population growth rate of 1.8 percent; 53 percent of the population is under 18 years of age. Nicaragua's main challenge is to overcome inequity and poverty, which affect children and women most severely.

The breakdown of income distribution shows that 45 per cent of all income goes to the richest 10 percent of the population, while only 14 percent goes to the poorest. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the hemisphere, with a per capita gross national product of $453. Poverty affects over a third of the population, 831,000 of whom live in extreme poverty, mainly in the Central and Atlantic regions.

In order to stay true to our vision and the ideals of Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Empowerment, Project Nicaragua is designed in a way that not only allows us to have maximum impact during our time there, but also allows us to maintain those bonds and continue our service afterwards.

Each project initiative listed to the right is a process by which we hope to enrich the lives of the people we meet. In this way we hope that our love for learning about new cultures, teaching business and good business practices and above all, making a difference in the lives of people in another part of the world will inspire others to help bring about much-needed change on a global scale.



Project Initatives

Service Project

In the spirit of making a sustainable impact in the global community, Project Nicaragua centers itself around a service project - such as building houses or repairing a roof for local families.

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Entrepreneurship Workshops

One of the most important components of Project Nicaragua's outreach are the week-long workshops that focus on business communications,empowerment and financial literacy, catering directly to small businesses.

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Microfinance Initative

With emphasis on sustainability and empowerment, Project Nicaragua is establishing a microgrant initiative to help local entrepenuers improve or start their respective businesses

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Cultural Connections

Lastly, the trip places strong emphasis on cultural immersion by staying with local host families, learning about Nicaraguan culture and creating lasting partnerships with the people of León.