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Next Meeting is 5:30 PM Tuesday in UC Danforth (near the UC Gym)

About Eco-Market

Established four years ago, Eco-Market workshops educate students on the environmental responsibility of businesses while teaching free market principles. The workshop consists of interactive presentations, followed by group activities that encourage students to apply the concepts in the lesson.

Last year Eco-Market developed a four-part workshop series covering the topics of global warming, recycling and energy efficiency. Four area schools participated. The project held a total of 6 workshops and worked with over 90 students.

In order to encourage students to apply what they learned, the project introduced a "Carbon Footprint Competition" among the schools. The competition challenged each of the schools to achieve the greatest reduction from its carbon footprint.

Following through with last year‘s plans, Eco-Market built an income-generating greenhouse on the grounds of one of our participating schools.